Beyond Good And Evil 2 Development Is Supposedly Ongoing, No Sign Of Cancellation

Bad rumors about Beyond Good and Evil 2 development have been circulating around the internet for a while now, but French journalist and YouTuber Gautoz apparently has gotten inside information that shows the game is still being worked on and is now in a better position, and that Ubisoft is just withholding release information.

Previous rumors about Beyond Good and Evil 2 pointed towards chaos behind the scenes, as a collection of various new development leads necessitated repeatedly scrapping everything and starting over as each had a new vision they wanted, including Michael Ancel, who was one of the casualties of a series of allegations that Ubisoft was a toxic workplace and retired from game-making in 2020.

Gautoz, however, says that ever since Ancel’s departure that the game has a new direction, and that some people were instead disapproving of the game’s internal development roadmap. The lack of clear information is due to the French Ubisoft office not speaking with English-speaking journalists and not wanting to give away information before the game is ready to release.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 development has promised to be a mountain to climb to begin with. The game supposedly takes place on multiple different planets as the player takes on the role of a group of space pirates who are searching for the “gateway to true freedom”. The game would have also been an open-world title.

Who knows if those parts of the game still hold true for now with the lack of information, but if what Gautoz said is true and the game is now actually moving in a new direction with actual progress, then hopefully we’ll be hearing some information about it soon.

Since it’s been several years since we’ve gotten any official information on Beyond Good and Evil 2 development, we can only guess as to what exactly Ubisoft will have to show us when they decide to put something new out.