Dragon’s Dogma 2 Has Denuvo, Should You Be Worried?

Following recent trends, Dragon’s Dogma 2 has been priced at $70 on consoles and PCs. On top of that, the game does feature the Denuvo anti-temper feature, which can be confirmed through game’s Steam store page.

While fans are quite hyped about Dragon’s Dogma 2, PC users aren’t thrilled to know that there will be Denuvo in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Recnetly, Capcom tried adding Enigma DRM to apparently stop fans from using mods for their games and it backfired quickly leading them to revert the change. Hopefully, Dragon’s Dogma 2 won’t feature such DRM or we can expect another backlash from the fans. Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a game that can be great with mods and I am sure that it will receive great mods from the community.

Naturally, fans are already fuming about this addition and we still don’t know about the exact nature of this DRM (Enigma or not). Will all the requests and complaints lead Capcom to remove Denuvo in Dragon’s Dogma 2? It could eventually, but for the time being, No. Companies don’t have a lot of options (or at least they say they don’t) when it comes to their products being pirated. So, anti-temper DRM tools like Denuvo are apparent necessities.

While Denuvo is known to cause issues, and it could sound scary to be included in a combat-focused game like Dragon’s Dogma, they are mostly not game-breaking, and publishers always try to minimize them. Now, the question is whether you should be worried about Denuvo in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and base your purchase on this factor alone. The answer is No, you should not. The game has been confirmed to run with uncapped FPS on both PCs and consoles, so there is room for improvement and adjustment through settings.

The store page of Dragon’s Dogma 2 also has “5 different PCs within a day machine activation limit” mentioned on the page. What does this mean? Well, you shouldn’t worry much about it as it only limits to use your copy (activate it) on 5 different PCs in 24 hours duration. After 24 hours, you can activate it on more PCs as well.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is scheduled to release on March 22, 2024, for PC, Xbox Series, and PlayStation 5.