Is Naughty Dog’s Next “Ambitious” And “Hard” Project The Last of Us 3?

Neil Druckmann is one of the few gaming industry veterans who needs no introduction. The Naughty Dog veteran and The Last of Us director is well known for his contributions to the industry.

It’s been a while since we have received a new game from Naughty Dog and it’s mostly been collections and remasters for Uncharted and The Last of Us. While Naughty Dog might not have immediate plans for a new Uncharted, a probable The Last of Us 3 has been confirmed by Neil.

Neil recently sat down with “Logically Speaking” and discussed his gaming industry journey. While discussing different experiences and topics, he also talked a little about Naughty Dog’s next game in development (probably The Last of Us Part 3). According to him, the new project is going to be “Ambitious” and “hard” for the team, but he still wants to make it fun for everyone. Whether the new project is going to be The Last of Us Part 3 or some other game from Naughty Dog remains to be seen.

Neil mentioned that people stepping up and doing artistically great things bring him a lot of joy and the pitch to their new project is something he is proud of. The section is at the end of the interview so if you don’t want to hear anything else, you can skip directly to the last part of the interview. However, I will highly recommend that you don’t as there are some inspirational stuff in this interview and you might want to know about the struggles and efforts of someone who brought you one of your favorite video games.