How Marvel’s Midnight Suns Changes The XCOM Formula

Several weeks ago, a new Marvel game was announced, adding to a glut of the games currently either coming to, or already on, the market. However, this game, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, is being developed by Firaxis, the same team behind XCOM. However, that doesn’t mean the two will play the same, according to narrative director … Read more

Former Sony Technical Director Profile Mentions an Unannounced IP Still in Production

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Marvin Najor, a former technical director and artist at Sony Interactive Entertainment, has made a few waves on the internet recently due to his LinkedIn page. In the page, he mentions that he worked on an as-of-yet unannounced Sony IP before leaving the company. Najor is currently employed by InXile, but what could this “unannounced … Read more

How to Fix Tales of Arise Ultrawide Screen Issue

If you’re someone who wants to play Tales of Arise’s PC version, but want to play it in ultrawide screen, you might come across a problem of your resolution going down as the screen widens. Thankfully, a user named androol on Steam has figured out how to temporarily fix the Tales of Arise ultrawide screen … Read more

New Sony Patent Describes Injury Simulations for Characters in Video Games

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“Critical existence failure” has often been an issue with many games, where characters, despite being injured, don’t behave like it in-game. A new Sony game model injury patent, however, appears poised to patent a system that will streamline work required to animate injuries that occur during gameplay, according to the summary. “To animate such injuries, … Read more

Rumor: We Could See InFamous Return at PlayStation Showcase on Thursday

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Update It seems like Sony has also updated the domain for infamous just ahead of PlayStation Showcase. While the adds weight to a potential PlayStation Showcase reveal, the update could just be a coincidence as companies maintain and update names on regular basis of their IPs Original Report With the release of Ghost of Tsushima … Read more

MachineGames is Working on a AAA Multiplayer Title

MachineGames, who many Bethesda fans might remember as being responsible for Quake and the rebooted Wolfenstein games, are apparently in the process of working on a new AAA multiplayer game, though beyond that we don’t know what this new MachineGames game will be aside from a description in a job offer. The offer in question … Read more

Arkane Studios Game Director Talks About Implementation of Possession Power in Dishonored

Arkane Studios’ first-person action-stealth game Dishonored has a fairly open-ended approach to how players can carry out their objectives. However, with all of that in mind, many of its abilities weren’t easy to implement, especially the Dishonored possession power, according to Harvey Smith, a director at Arkane Studios in Austin, Texas. “People will come up … Read more

New Sony Patent Describes Camera Adjustments for Increased In-Game Advertising Impressions

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Almost 15 years ago, gamers were introduced to microtransactions (sort of). Thanks to Bethesda’s horse armor in Elder Scrolls 4, Microtransactions and DLC in games are now almost an essential part in the modern day. While the exploitive nature of these microtransactions and DLCs have been criticized and discussed immensely, big game companies and publishers … Read more