Bloober Team Project M Enters Production Phase

Bloober Team, the developers of The Medium, Layers of Fear, Observer, and Blair Witch, have announced on Twitter today that they’re finally beginning production on a new game. Codenamed Project M, the game has been in pre-production for over a year now, and the studio Draw Distance has been chosen as its developer.

We still have no idea of what Project M involves, but it’s likely to be a very ambitious title for Bloober Team if it’s been in pre-production for a year. Evene though the studio can’t develop the game itself due to working on the remake of Silent Hill 2, hopefully Draw Distance, who developed the game Serial Cleaner, along with two Vampire: The Masquerade games, can fulfill their vision.

Vampire: The Masquerade, set in the World of Darkness tabletop game universe, is also horror-based, so if Project M actually is another horror game from Bloober Team, and narrative-based at that, they should hopefully be able to have a similarly positive reaction like those two games when they release Project M.

Of course, that all depends on what Project M actually is. While Bloober Team’s own history of games would point to it being a horror game, the studio picking Draw Distance to develop it, when their history of games doesn’t really point towards any kind of horror, might mean that it’s something else.

We don’t even have any kind of inkling about what Project M might be, since Bloober Team hasn’t put out any kind of trailer for it, either. If we do get a trailer for the game this year, hopefully it will be able to shed more light on what the project is about, what platforms it will be on, and maybe even give it an actual name.

But either way, hopefully Project M will turn out to be a good game, and Draw Distance can live up to Bloober Team’s expectations of them.