Zenimax Media Trademarks the Term “Chronomark”, For Starfield Smart Watch

Remember Pip-Boy? With the massive release of Fallout 4, Pip-Boy special editions were hard to get as they were sold out in minutes just like the new generation of consoles (Xbox Series and PS5). Now, it’s natural to think that we will also be getting some sort of gadget as well for Bethesda’s upcoming game, Starfield.

In fact, a collector’s edition leak has already assured fans that they will be getting a watch this time bundled with Starfield just like it was for Fallout 4. While the Starfield Collector’s Edition leak showed the image of a Chronomark Smarwatch, we aren’t sure that what exact role this watch will play in the actual game.

Moreover, Zenimax Media has also trademarked the term “Chronomark” which basically confirms the existence of the smartwatch with Starfield. Now the questions is, why was the watch named Chronomark?

Well, since chrono loosely refer to as time, so this gadget will apparently have something to do with time. In what aspect? Are we talking about time travel? For the time being, this anyone’s guess. While the game is due to release this year, we don’t really know much about the game yet. However, with Todd Howard at the helm, we can expect some interesting game mechanics.

Announced back in 2018 with a short teaser, Starfield is the first new universe/IP by Bethesda in 25 years. The game has a lot of hype associated with it and naturally, there are a lot of fan theories already out there. We are excited to know more about the game before its release which we believe will happen around E3, 2022.