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How to Fix Controller Issue in Tales of Arise

If you’re on the PC version of Tales of Arise and are trying to play with a controller, you might be encountering an issue with it. Thankfully, user Dfactor figured out a way to get around the Tales of Arise controller issue, and it’s developer-endorsed, too!

In order to fix your controller issues in the game, all you have to do is follow a handy guide that Dfactor posted.

  1. First, opt out of Steam Beta if you’re in it (which you can do by going to Settings, Account, Change, set to NONE)
  2. If you’re using multiple Steam library folders, then go to Settings, Downloads, Steam Library Folders, then Add a Library Folder, and point Steam to your games.
  3. Go to the game’s Properties, then Controller, and set it to Enable Steam Input.
  4. Launch the game, go to the option menu, select the Steam Controller Settings, and from there, Browse Configs, then pick “Official Configuration for Tales of Arise” for your appropriate gamepad.┬áIf you’ve never played the game, you can press New Game and you’ll get an options screen where you can configure your controller settings. Otherwise, you can press Continue, then Tab. From there, select Controls, and from there you can open the configurator.

If you’re not confident in being able to move files around, the Tales of Arise controller issue can also reportedly be fixed by moving the game files to your C: drive Steam Library, so that you don’t have to fiddle around with anything.

Hopefully since it’s developer-endorsed, this method is the best way for someone who’s facing a Tales of Arise controller issue to be able to fix it. If you’ve yet to play the game though, you can play Tales of Arise on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, or PC now.