Is a Remaster of Final Fantasy Tactics Being Developed?

A recent leak on Reddit has given Final Fantasy fans a chance to get excited as the possibility of a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster appears to be in the cards. While nothing is official yet, the information comes from a playtest survey put out by Eidos Montreal, which included other tactics games as well.

Final Fantasy Tactics came out originally in 1997, starting a sub-series to the Final Fantasy franchise that, while not often looked upon by Square Enix, has often been looked at favorably by fans. The game focuses around the land of Ivalice and how it is split apart in a war of succession between two princes, with our main characters caught in the middle.

The game wasn’t originally developed by Eidos Montreal, but considering the studio is owned by Square Enix, it may be that the company has decided to remaster Tactics and put Eidos Montreal in the driver’s seat for development. Of course, it remains to be seen if these rumors of a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster is even coming.

While leaks are often correct, they are, more often than not, incorrect. However, there is at least one upcoming gaming events where such a thing could be announced, in the form of the Game Awards for this year. Otherwise, a Nintendo Direct or Playstation State of Play could be used to announce the game.

There is a State of Play scheduled for this Wednesday that will be a 20 minute show centered around third-party games, though whether or not that applies to Final Fantasy remains to be seen (especially since Final Fantasy games have nearly always been released on the Playstation exclusively).

However, Square Enix could also be waiting until E3 2022 to officially announce the game, so until something like an official announcement comes out, all that fans can do in the meantime is wait and see if a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster really is in the cards.