Helldivers 2 Fix For Failed to Join Lobby and Matchmaking Errors

Helldivers 2 has suffered from a bumpy launch with many server-related issues. A lot of players have reported that they are experiencing crashes or “Failed to Join” lobby and similar matchmaking issues when they are trying to play with other players. Players are also reporting that they are getting “Quickplay Error” when they try to connect with other players or try to join a lobby.

Luckily, there is a quick fix for most of these issues while the developer tries to fix the issue with a patch. If you want to fix Helldivers 2 failed to join or quickplay errors, you should disable crossplay.

As you might already know, Helldivers 2 supports crossplay between PC and PlayStation 5. So, if you are getting connectivity errors on any platform, disable the crossplay option and restart your game. This should help you connect with other players, and you can enjoy the game as a team, which, of course, is more fun than playing solo. Keep in mind that since this is a workaround and not a permanent fix, you might still face issues and you might have to try multiple times to connect even after disabling the crossplay.

As for playing with your friends who are on another platform, you will have to wait as an issue like this would take priority at Arrowhead Game Studios. In fact, the developer on X has already acknowledged that they have fixed the matchmaking and crashing issues, and they will soon roll out a fix to address these issues. The hotfix will release on Steam first and then it will release for PS5.

As for checking if Helldivers 2 servers are online or not, you can check the game’s official X account, where they are posting updates regularly. If you are in PS5, you should ensure you have PS Plus as it’s required to play Helldivers 2 multiplayer.

For now, Helldivers 2 has mixed reviews on Steam due to crashes, matchmaking issues and anti-cheat (apparently not safe). However, despite all the issues, the game still has more than 50K concurrent players, which is not bad at all. Hopefully, Arrowhead Game Studios will address these issues quickly. Make sure that your game stays up to date.