How To Fix Scarlet Nexus Errors, Crashes and Bugs

As with every video game release, Bandai Namco Studios’ latest release, Scarlet Nexus, is already having issues. While there aren’t many of them (so far), we do have ways to fix these Scarlet Nexus errors wherever they pop up. If you’re suffering one of these errors, see if these guides fix it.

LowLevelFatalError [File: Unknown] [Line 88] I\O Error (Read ErrŠ¾r)

This error makes the game have a hard crash after the first mission and will continue even if your Nvidia drivers are all up to date.

The good thing about most of these errors, much like this one, is that they can be fixed by simply verifying the integrity of the game cache on Steam. This process makes Steam run through the game’s files and see if any files are missing or corrupted, and download them.

Crash UE4 LowLevelFatalError AMD

This bug is more of a graphical issue, causing brief freezes during gameplay whenever a hit is landed on enemies or when changing between pictures on the game’s various dialogue scenes.

This one is a bit more of a problem to fix. Some players faced with it have been able to fix it by going to the game’s notebook, opening the GameUserSettings file, and changing the preferred API from DX12 to DX11. If you’re on Nvidia, open the Nvidia control panel, go to the “Adjust Image Settings With Preview” area, and click “Let the 3D Application Decide.”

Failure To Load System Data

This one is also an easy fix, if somewhat unconventional. If you’re having trouble getting the game to load system data, the issue might be with your Windows username, especially if it has non-English characters in it. To get around it, you can make a new Windows account and put in a username with all English characters.

Lack of Voice Acting and Subtitles

This is one of the Scarlet Nexus errors that can be solved by verifying the integrity of your game cache if you’re facing an issue where there is no voice acting or subtitles while the game is running.

Missing Shadows

The game also currently has an ongoing issue of shadows not loading in properly on people and objects. There’s no fix for this one at the moment, but a temporary workaround can be done by reloading a saved game. Hopefully Bandai-Namco gets to this one soon.

Failure To Connect

A few hours into the game, after players get a message from the character Musubi, they’ll likely encounter some kind of connection error as they go to talk to her about a mission. The most obvious way to fix this is to make sure your internet connection is good, but otherwise it might be on Bandai-Namco’s end, a common issue for online games on release day as the servers are inundated with more players than they can handle.

Alt-Tab Bug

If you’re playing the game in a full-screen mode and alt-tab to briefly minimize the game and go back to your home screen, you might encounter this error. There are a few ways to fix this, mainly by rapidly clicking the game’s icon, alt-tabbing repeatedly, or in the most successful instance, just running the game in Borderless mode instead.

Controller Issues

If you’re suffering from a controller issue that is causing there to be no audio in your game, there are multiple ways to fix it. If you use a Dualshock 4, go to the game’s sound settings and change the output. Sometimes your computer could select the wrong thing, so you have to go in yourself and change it. This also works for other controllers.

Application Load Error 3:0000065432 Fix

This error is also a fairly easy fix. In order to do it, all you have to do is go into the game’s Properties tab on Steam, go to the compatibilities section, and select to run the game as the administrator. If the error still persists, however, you’ll have to either remove the game’s file folder from your computer’s anti-virus or disable real-time protection, as your anti-virus software might be preventing it from downloading properly.

Exiting Menus

This one probably has the easiest fix. Some reviewers have complained that they couldn’t exit menus once they got into them, but if you’re running into this most minor of Scarlet Nexus errors, all you have to do is hit the backspace button to exit them. If that doesn’t work you’ll probably have to hard-quit the game via Control-Alt-Delete or Alt-F4, but after that the game should allow that to work with no problems.