Human Head Studios Was Working on an UE4 PVPVE Project Before Becoming Roundhouse

Human Head Studios, who some might remember as the developer of the original Prey game back in 2003, was apparently working on a player-vs-player-vs-environment game in Unreal Engine 4 before it closed in 2019. This is according to a pair of different job experience posts from former employees.

According to said tweet, the game would have been a third-person shooter game that was based on a major comics license, which might mean that it was intended to be a Marvel or DC game, though obviously since it was cancelled when the studio closed, details will likely not be forthcoming. The news of this is supported by former Human Head employees who described the project in their profiles on LinkedIn, including a character artist who might have worked on it or some other project.

However, Human Head Studios, which is now under the name Roundhouse Studios, is still working on another, unannounced project under Bethesda Softworks, though it’s unlikely to still be the same game and we likely won’t get an official announcement until the studio is actually ready.

Player-vs-player-vs-environment games are still a fairly niche genre; only one has really risen to any kind of prominence in the form of Hunt: Showdown, where players must not only deal with the monsters they hunt, but players looking to steal their kills. With a comic-based version, one can only wonder what it would have been like, or even what comic franchise it would have been associated with.

Either way, the game is unfortunately lost like so many other cancelled titles. However, with Roundhouse Studios working on another new game, hopefully we might see a similar title to the one that Human Head Studios was working on come out at some point in the future.

Until then, however, all we can do is wait and see when Bethesda Softworks actually decides to announce the game, which likely won’t be until either their E3 conference next year or at some other large event, like the Game Awards this year.