New Konami Trademark Ignites Hopes For A New Castlevania Game

Castlevania franchise needs no introduction. The franchise has seen a lot of content in the from games, anime, comics, movies and other forms of entertainment media over the years. If we talk about games alone, Castlevania franchise has received around 26 main games. However, the last main game in the series, Castlevania: Lords of the Shadow 2 was released way back in 2014.

Now, a new trademark by Konami has been spotted by the name of “Project Zircon”. Now, if you are wondering what this “Zircon” has to do with Castlevania then you should know that Zircon is a jewel referenced in castlevania franchise. So naturally, we can link it to something Castlevania related.

While we might not have received a main Castlevania game since 2014, the franchise has been quite active and successful in anime category. The Castlevania anime released on Netflix that currently has 4 seasons has been quite popular. The popularity of the anime has increased fan craving for a modern day Castlevania game. Making a Castlevania game using modern tech could be a great idea considering a huge fan following of the franchise.

Konami owns multiple fan favorite franchises and Castlevania is one of them. However, they haven’t been quite active in reviving these classic franchises. Recently, after a lot of rumors and reports, Konami confirmed the revival of Silent Hill franchise. So there is hope for Castlevania as well though we can’t say how long will it take.

As for the trademark itself, publishers and companies secure various trademarks for different purposes. They don’t always mean anything and with Konami’s current focus being the Silent Hill franchise, I won’t cross my fingers for anything Castlevania related so soon. However, if they do announce something substantial related to Castlevania, like many other fans, I will be quite happy to hear that.