New Lucid Games AAA Title Coming, Appears To Be Open-World

For the past several months, British developer Lucid Games has been hiring people to make what appears to be a new Lucid Games title. While we don’t know exactly what it is yet, the responsibilities and requested skills in the listings suggest it might be an open-world shooter game.

The listings, which all through this month have included a narrative designer, concept artist, senior animator, and level designer, make mention of large narratives, PVP, PVE, and multiple storylines, vehicle driving, and shooting, things that could be leading up to an open-world game, or at least something like it.

Lucid Games’ most recent title, Destruction AllStars for the Playstation 5, couldn’t be any further from that, being a team-based multiplayer demolition derby game, though the studio does have mild experience with open-world games. They did, after all, make Goat Simulator, along with Need For Speed: Payback, both semi-open world games involving vehicles. They also made Switchblade, which runs in a similar vein to Destruction by being vehicle-based, team-focused multiplayer.

With the requirement for the narrative designer to include multiple deep, intertwining storylines, the new Lucid Games title may not be similar to Payback, Goat Simulator, or Destruction AllStars. It may be more similar to something like Grand Theft Auto, which would tick all of the boxes for the hiring requirements as well.

With the multiple quirky characters you interact with over the course of the game, heavy emphasis on vehicles and guns, and large, open-world environments full of detail, it could very well be something Grand Theft Auto related, or at least something that’s heavily inspired by it.

The new Lucid Games title isn’t a new IP, either, so for all we know Take-Two Interactive may have contracted them to make a Grand Theft Auto side-game, though again, we can’t be sure until Lucid actually reveals what it is. If you’re interested in applying for one of the jobs, you can find the different careers by following this link.