Phantom Hellcat Developer Shares his Views About Dualsense Edge

If you followed the new titles announced during Gamescom 2022, chances are that you must have heard about Phantom Hellcat. It’s a “dynamic slasher-platformer” with a flashy combat that reminds us of Devil May Cry.

The game is expected to arrive on PlayStation 5 as well and when the developer was asked about their thoughts on new Dualsense Edge controller in an interview with SegmentNext, they said:

I’ve seen the trailer of this new controller on the Opening Night Live. Honestly speaking, I cannot say it’s a game changer until I’ll try it. I need to test its features as a gamer before I’ll be able to give my honest opinion as a developer :). It’s a little bit of a different story but I still remember the hype for PS Move and Sharpshooter controller – many people expected it would be a revolution for FPS games on consoles but we all know how it ended. And the experience of using it was truly amazing. I remember the joy of playing Killzone 3 multiplayer with it. I know Dualsense Edge isn’t a revolution of this type and it’s more about building personalized controls but I’m not sure if it will become a standard controller for PlayStation users. I treat it more like an answer for various 3rd party “Elite” controllers. I’m also sure it will boost the accessibility for players who had various difficulties with standard controllers. But as I said, I need to test it first because these are my first impressions based on the trailer.

Naturally, the new variation of the controller is primarily aimed at improving the experience of gamers. The quality-of-life improvements like extra buttons, customizable controls and profile switch are appealing enough. As for developers, base Dualsense already has features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. As for developers, they can make use of the extra buttons however, since not everyone will be owning the new Dualsense Edge, the use of those extra buttons will be quite limited ofcourse.

Sony Interactive Entertainment hasn’t revealed the price of the new Dualsense Edge yet but if they manage to keep it cheaper the Xbox’s Elite controller counterpart, many PC fans will also be eager to get the Dualsense Edge. As for whether Phantom Hellcat will be using base Dualsense features or not, the developer replied that while they are thinking of it, it’s too early to say anything.