Bluepoint Games Working on Bloodborne Remaster?

Once again, Bluepoint Games is in the gaming news, and this time, Souls fans may have yet another reason for excitement. Playstation podcaster Colin Moriarty on Twitter implied that he’d heard rumors that the studio was making a Bloodborne remaster or maybe, a 60 FPS patch for the PS5.

Whether it’s a remaster or a simple patch, however, Colin Moriarty did claim that Bluepoint “may be on a journey to Yharnam”, but still without any sort of evidence beyond their word. Bluepoint has just been acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment, so it’s possible that they would want to capitalize on how well Bluepoint did on one of the Playstation 5’s big launch titles. Again, it could also be a native patch for PS5. Even a PC release is also a possibility at this point.

Bluepoint Games is the studio responsible for the remake of Demon’s Souls, the first Souls game and the high-difficulty RPG that put From Software on the map. Bloodborne was a launch title on the original Playstation 4 and remains one of the console’s most popular titles, so if it is true, Sony might want to capitalize on its popularity.

Of course, if a Bloodborne remaster is actually happening, one can only guess at how different the game will look. Demon’s Souls was originally a Playstation 3 game that came out in 2009, but Bloodborne only came out in 2015. While the Playstation 5 is a big step up from the Playstation 4, if the remaster does exist, who knows how different it will look.

In that case, a remaster is much more likely, though Bloodborne on the Playstation 5 would undoubtedly still look amazing. But, again, that relies on whether or not such a project is actually in the works, despite the success of the Demon’s Souls remake and Bluepoint’s work on that.

If the rumors of a Bloodborne remaster or remaster are true, hopefully Bluepoint will take the game as far as it can go on the Playstation 5, but otherwise, we do still have Elden Ring coming from From Software.