Chorus Developer is Working On An Unannounced Co-op Action Game in UE4

Koch Media is a big gaming label in the industry and they have a lot of developers working for them. Fishlabs is one of the long list of studios working for Deep Silver (owned by Koch Media). Recently, Fishlabs released Chorus, a space combat game that actually received descent reviews. These guys have also been involved in Saints Row Franchise as well in the past. But that is all in the past and now, the studio is apparently working on an “an unannounced co-op first person action game made in Unreal Engine 4”. The information comes from a shared job listing of a Game Designer which reads:

Design and iterate features and feature content for an unannounced co-op first person action game made in Unreal Engine 4

While Chorus did not feature any kind of multiplayer, it will be refreshing to see a co-op experience from the studio. Now whether this First-Person Action game is a shooting game or not, remains to be seen. I personally prefer action games to be third person however, we have seen some great action games in first person as well. Even Rockstar Games deemed it necessary to include a first person mode in Grand Theft Auto 5 which obviously is one of the best action games in recent times.

Fislabs is a descent studio and we are expecting this new co-op action first-person game to be descent as well. On the flip side, since they are hiring for the project, we might not see the game in action for a while. Deep Silver however, has a plethora of other games in developments and one game I am eagerly waiting for is the Saints Row Reboot.

Saints Row Reboot was initially scheduled to release in February however both Volition and Deep Silver decided to delay it until August, 2022 and I don’t think that we would see the unannounced project from Fishlabs before that.