Famous Streamer xQc Claims That GTA 6 Development is Already Finished

It’s been almost a decade now since Grand Theft Auto 5 was released. We have received various iterations of GTA 5 but Rockstar Games has been quiet about the much awaited next installment in the series, presumably titled as Grand Theft Auto 6.

While Take-Two Interactive has confirmed the existence of the next GTA game, they haven’t shown anything to the public. Apart from that, there have been a variety of rumors about the game from being in development hell to almost complete status.

Now, a famous Twitch Streamer and a former Overwatch League player, FĂ©lix Lengye better known as xQc has shared on a stream that he has played GTA 6 Online and the game is already complete. This what he roughly said about the development status of the game:

I was playing Grand theft Auto 6 online, and I m just gonna say how it is; the game is already finished development.

He also said that the game features one of the most advanced Role-playing system however the system he talked about didn’t sound so advanced like robbing banks, shooting civilians and acting as cops. It seems like he doesn’t know that all these features already exist in GTA 5 and some other games too.

How credible is xQc? Well, he recently did accidently open Overwatch 2 on a live stream. Now did he play GTA 6 online as well? Is Rockstar Games actually finished with the development and testing the game?

Well, we can’t be sure 100%. However, if that is in fact true, that is quite a huge news and a 2022 release of GTA 6 would make this year one of the most iconic ones just like 2013. We just hope that Take-Two announce GTA 6 soon as we have been waiting for it for a long time now.