Dying Light 2 Takes the RPG Aspect of Dying Light to a Whole New Level

Dying Light was one of the most beloved games in the genre. The game has retained an impressive player base over the years, with people still playing it solo or with friends.

Techland, the developer studio for Dying Light, has been hard at work on its sequel for multiple years now. It seems like they’ve used this time very efficiently, as in an interview for the PLAY magazine, the developers explained what they’ve done to take Dying Light 2 to a whole new level compared to its predecessor.

One of the biggest improvements the developers made for the sequel is the RPG aspect of the game. Dying Light was considered an RPG game, but the RPG elements in the game were very weak, to the point where casual players didn’t even realize that the game they were playing was technically an RPG.

In the interview with PLAY magazine, the developers explained that the choices you make in Dying Light 2 will have an incredibly significant effect on how the game plays out for you.

Lead Level Designer, Piotr Pawlaczyk explained, in his interview for the PLAY magazine:

This was one of our main goals, to add relevant and meaningful choices

So the RPG elements in Dying Light 2 will carry a lot of weight in the game. A really interesting thing that the developers said about Dying Light 2 in the interview is that not only will your choices affect the story of the game, it’ll also make changes to the gameplay itself.

According to the Dying Light 2 City Producer, Julia Szynkaruk, the choices you make during the story will govern how The City looks and operates for you.

The player can change this environment with their decisions; old ruins can become new commercial buildings, like a bakery, a butchery, or any needed service building.

Since Dying Light 2 will have a long, complex story, you’ll have a lot of different choices to make during your playthrough. Each of these choices will modify your adventure.

The developers stated that the heavy RPG aspect of the game also influenced the mission design and environmental layout of Dying Light 2.

Piotr Pawlaczyk elaborated:

When designing the map, there was one goal of creating a ‘Deep Open World’ in our minds. To use every building, every interior and alley to expand the exploring possibilities and build the verticality of the world… We call it the natural movement path.

One of the hardest choices you’ll be making in Dying Light 2 is what faction you want to be a part of.

There are two join-able factions in the game: the Survivors and the Peacekeepers. These factions will offer you their own unique perks.

For example, If you join the Survivors, you’ll gain access to multiple parkour and travel amenities like bridges and ziplines.

The Peacekeepers will give you access to weapons and tools that you can use in combat and you’ll also be able to use their traps that they’ve set all over The City.

So your choice of faction will also heavily affect your playthrough, and it’ll have the biggest effect on what happens in The City during your playthrough.

You can set up leadership over regions for one of the factions, and change this zone for its citizens, but also for you. You will encounter new events, different movement styles or combat situations.

The weight of your decisions will accumulate overtime and it’ll govern how the story plays out and what ending you close the story out with in Dying Light 2. Since the reveal of the new trailer, a lot of information about Dying Light 2 is being discussed. We already know that Dying Light 2 is confirmed to release on December 7, 2021 on PlayStation consoles, Xbox Consoles and Microsoft Windows.