How to Fix Blue Characters Bug in Hogwarts Legacy

If you are experiencing blue characters in “Hogwarts Legacy,” it can be a confusing and frustrating issue. However, this problem is often caused by an option in the settings menu, High Contrast Gameplay. In this article, we will walk you through the steps to turn off High Contrast Gameplay and get rid of the blue … Read more

How to Fast Travel in Hogwarts Legacy

In any open-world game, fast travel plays an important role as players tend to move from one point to another a lot and fast traveling can help save a lot of time. Since Hogwarts Legacy is also an open-world game, the fast travel feature in the game is quite handy and naturally, every player would … Read more

Hogwarts Legacy Does Feature a Transgender Character

Sirona is a transgender character in hogwarts legacy

In a move that is being hailed as a step forward for the gaming community, the highly anticipated game, Hogwarts Legacy has introduced its first transgender character, Sirona. This news, just after the early access release of the game, has generated a lot of excitement among gamers and has also sparked a discussion about representation … Read more