Eidos Montreal is Making a New Art Team to Develop a “Fantastic Universe”

As you might already know, Embracer Group has shut down the recently rebranded Onoma (formerly Square Enix Montreal) Studio. Some of staff will join Eidos Montreal which is also owned by Embracer Group.

After the acquisition of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal from Square Enix, Embracer Group has revealed that they plan to revive the IPs they have acquired in the process of acquiring the two studios. The most prominant of these is Deus Ex. Now, according to a recent Bloomberg report, a new Deus Ex game is in development which is in “very, very early development” phase.

The Bloomberg report has also mentioned a new IP in development that has apparently been “rescoped”. Looking at the careers page of Eidos Montreal, the studio has recently posted some job listings for a new Art Team that could be working on the new IP Jason Schreier mentioned in his new report. The art team is expected to create a “fantastic universe” hinting towards an open world. One of the job listings read:

We are currently building a new artistic team for a new project and are looking for passionate and creative people who can contribute to the development of a fantastic universe.

Now, this new Art Team could be for Deus Ex as well but making a new team could very well be for the reported new IP. It will be interesting to see when Embracer Group or Eidos Montreal will share any information about their next game. Considering the very early development of a Deus Ex and a new IP on the other hand, it might be a while since we get to hear or see any of these games.