Silent Hill Showcase Details Leaked Thanks to the Transmission Video

As expected, all of it was officially announced by Konami during the showcase. Silent Hill F was something I missed and it’s a new Silent Hill project announced by Konami. You can watch the showcase here:

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It seems like information about today’s Silent Hill showcase have already been leaked thanks to a transmission video waiting to be premiered. The information comes from the meta-description (now removed) and the meta video tags. It seems like the new Silent Hill game to be announced today will titled as “Silent Hill Ascension”.

Furthermore, the showcase today by Konami is expected to launch around 50 minutes. There will be a short teaser as well. The most interesting bit is that the video tags only mention PC and PlayStation which has fans believe that the new Silent Hill indeed might be a PlayStation console exclusive. Here is the screenshot of tags I found with my tags tool:

meta tags silent hill

As for meta description, which seems to have updated now mentioned Silent Hill 2 which you can check below:

silent hill 2

If you are wondering what that Return to Silent Hill tag means, it’s the name of the reported Silent Hill movie reboot Cristophe Gans is working and we can see the announcement of that as well during the showcase. So Silent Hill Ascension and Silent Hill 2 Remake with the movie announcement? That could all fit well into a 50-minute presentation, right? This all-new information has fans more excited. Let’s hope that the actual showcase now will be able to live up to the hype.