No, Forspoken Won’t Have Any Microtransactions, Only DLC

Forspoken PEGI rating mentioned “in-game purchases” on its rating page which lead some fans to believe that the game might feature some sort of microtransactions in it. “in-game purchases” for rating boards is sort of a norm (Since 2018 for PEGI) now and can be found in many games as it doesn’t necessarily refer to microtransactions.

Now, Square Enix has already confirmed in GameInformer magazine Issue 344 that the game won’t feature any sort of microtransactions. Moreover, they have also confirmed that Forspoken will feature DLC content. What sort of DLC? Well, we do know that there are talks of a prequel DLC for the game. On the other hand, if the DLC features items and stuff in the game and it’s not free, it can very well sill explain the “in-game purchases” tag. As for typical microtransactions in Forspoken, fans can rest assured as publisher has already denied their inclusion.

Since the reveal of Forspoken, fans had high hopes for the title. However, release of a 4 minutes gameplay demo back in 2021 met with a lot of bad reception on criticism. First, Forspoken was scheduled to release on in May, 2022. However, Luminous Productions and Square Enix decided to delay it to October, 2022. Fan backlash could be a reason for the game’s delay.

Now that the game has been rated by PEGI as well, we can expect that Forspoken won’t see any further delays. Forspoken is a PS5 console exclusive so PlayStation fans would naturally be exited for this title. Let’s just hope that Luminous Productions manages to live up to the expectations.