PS5 Exclusive Returnal Could Arrive on PC Soon

In the latest Earnings Call by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the gaming giant revealed positive numbers for its games on PC. They have assured fans that more games will arrive to PC platform. While there are a lot PlayStation exclusives still in-line for a release on PC, another contender seems to have appeared recently.

If a recent Steamdb listing is any indication, PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal could be announced for PC soon. The mysterious listing on SteamDB (dubbed as Oregon) has tags that has written Returnal all over it, however, since we still can’t be 100% sure about it so take it with a grain of salt. Since Returnal also supports co-op now, Online Co-op tag is also there.

After fantastic response from the games like Days Gone, God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn, fans have been asking Sony to release more of its games for PC. Sony on the other hand has been monitoring the response and have plans to bring more games to PC as well.

As for Returnal, if it gets announced officially, it will be the first PS5 exclusive to arrive for PC. And since it was relatively a recent release, we can expect the game between PS5 and PC releases to be shortened from PlayStation Studios. It should be mentioned here that Housemarque, the developer of Returnal is now a PlayStation Studio as Sony Interactive Entertainment acquired them recently.

Returnal was also leaked last year (via Nvidia), to be released in early 2022. However, we are well past that leak date and some of the games in the list like Starfield have also been pushed back to 2023. But this doesn’t mean that it can’t arrive for PC.

If the listing is in fact for Returnal, the game can be announced for PC as soon as during the next State of Play Event. Since E3 2022 is not happening, publishers are hosting their own programs and shows. Sony Interactive Entertainment is expected to do the same. Let’s just hope that they announce Returnal for PC as it would be a great news for PC community.