FromSoftware is Apparently Working on a PS5 Exclusive, Project “Velvet Veil” [Update]

It seems like the rumored report is apparently false as claimed by Lance McDonald in a tweet:

Again, nothing can still be said for sure and we will have to wait and see if the next FromSoftware game turns out to be Sony exclusive or not after Elden Ring.

Original Report:
Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Elden Ring are the few game names that come to our minds when we talk about FromSoftware. While the famous developer is still busy working on Elden Ring (releasing January 21, 2022), a wild rumor has surfaced about the studio’s next game.

The rumor claims that FromSoftware is working on a PS5 exclusive which will be a spiritual successor to Bloodborne. The rumored title is codenamed “Velvet Veil”. The rumor apparently comes from a leaker who has also talked about Sekiro, Deracine and Elden Ring being open-world in the past.

Logically, if FromSoftware will release Elden Ring in January, 2021, a new title in the early stages of development shouldn’t be a surprise. However, all of this is currently a wild speculation and everyone is currently looking forward to Elden Ring.

Apart from new games, Sony Interactive Entertainment has also been busy recently in bringing their old PlayStation exclusives to PC. The recent entry that made its way to the PC is Days Gone and it was praised a lot by PC fans and critics for being a great PC port.

Now, more PlayStation exclusives are expected to arrive on PC. Blooborne is among the hot contenders to be released on PC. Fans are also hoping that God of War (although highly unlikely) will also make its way to PC someday.

A couple of days back, Demon’s Souls was also spotted on PlayStation Store database for PS4.

Even if FromSoftware is developing an exclusive PS5 title, we can’t expect it to see anytime soon. With Elden Ring releasing in January, it would easily be a mid-generation release for PS5.