Gearbox is Looking for an Art Director for a “New Original IP”

Gearbox Software has previously announced that they were working on a new IP, and now it appears that they’re ready to start staffing the team for that group. A recent Gearbox Art Director opening on the website BambooHR has been posted, specifically searching someone to work on a new IP.

Gearbox announced the new IP that they were working on back in February. Though it hasn’t actually been revealed, Gearbox is apparently wanting it to have the same impact on gaming that Borderlands had. Borderlands, a juggernaut of a first-person shooter, first came out in 2009 as a wacky, over-the-top, Mad Max-style game.

Since then, the game has had multiple sequels and a variety of spinoffs, including an upcoming one, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, an expansion on the “Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragonkeep” DLC from Borderlands 2. Exactly what this new IP will be, however, remains to be seen, along with how it will have a Borderlands-like impact.

The Gearbox art director opening includes a variety of different things that an art director might be called on to do. Familiarity with human and animal anatomy, a high amount of creativity, and an understanding of “bleeding edge” art techniques. It’s a big job, as well, especially for a brand new IP.

Nothing on the job opening gives us any indication of what the new IP will be about, however, whether it’s a first-person shooter or even a shooter at all, really. Gearbox is known mainly for developing shooters, though it has developed other games such as the remasters of Relic Software’s “Homeworld” strategy games.

If you’re interested in the Gearbox art director opening, you can follow this link to the BambooHR page for it. Whatever Gearbox is planning to release, hopefully their expectations for it do end up accurate and it has as big of an impact as Borderlands did.