Hangar 13’s “Exciting New IP” May Have Extensive Multiplayer

If you’re a big fan of Hangar 13, who’ve made the critically and commercially acclaimed Mafia franchise, then you’ll be delighted to hear that they might have a new game in the works with extensive multiplayer element.

This assumption is based on the job listing on Hanger 13’s website. The job is for a ‘Lead Multiplayer Systems Designer’. the listing reads:

Create expert level creative vision and technical guidance for our online gameplay experience, to include matchmaking systems, ELO algorithms and theories, and game content updates.

While there have been rumors already that the studio is working on multiple new projects, this one could come with extensive multiplayer.

While the Mafia franchise has been a single-player experience, it might be refreshing to see the studio making a game with multiplayer component.

Another note-worthy thing is that on the same website, under the ‘What We Need’ section, it says that the person applying for the job is expected to be ‘holding the vision for major online features such as guilds or live events’.

This statement creates further hype for the multiplayer system of this new IP, as this suggests that the game will have multiplayer events and guilds; meaning that it won’t just be a simple multiplayer system.