How to Earn Stubs Fast and Easy in MLB The Show 21

If you have been playing MLB The Show or plan to play it, you might already know what Stubs are in the game. Stubs are basically the in-game currency use to purchase in different stuff, primarily in Diamond Dynasty. Since Stubs are the currency, every one would to make them in short times and easily.

In this guide, we’ll be going over the quickest and easiest ways to earn Stubs in MLB The Show 21.

How to Earn Stubs Fast in MLB The Show 21

Stubs are the most important currency in MLB The Show 21. You need Stubs to buy perks, equipment, sponsorships, players and basically everything else in the game.
To help you out with farming a large amount of Stubs, below we’ve listed down the best ways to earn Stubs fast in MLB The Show 21.

Reap Rewards from Programs

MLB The Show 21 has a mechanic called ‘Programs’ which works as a progression tracker. Programs basically reward you for playing the game and progressing through it.
In these Programs, you’ll get rewards based on how much XP you’ve earned during that season. The more matches you play and the more objectives you complete; the more XP you will earn.
Make sure to take note of the tasks that are listed under reach Program. This will help you guarantee that you’re reaping all the benefits from the Program.

The most important Program is called the ‘Inning Program’. The Inning Program will refresh every season during your playthrough of the game.

The best thing about the Inning Program is that it rewards you with a lot of Stubs. This makes it one of the easiest way to farm Stubs, as you don’t even need to do anything special to get the Stubs from it. All you need to do is play through the game and earn XP.

Another great program is the ‘Daily Moments’ program. It has rotating objectives that you can complete to earn yourself lots of Stubs and other rewards. If you still want more Stubs, you can also do the Player Programs and Team Affinity Programs.

Complete the Moments

There are some challenges in MLB The Show 21 called ‘Moments’ that are based on real-life baseball events.

The difficulty of these challenges varies quite a lot. They can be as easy as just striking out a certain player or as difficult as earning the walk-off win in a match.
Moments reward you with a lot of Stubs and other rewards, and they also add to the progress of your Programs.

The best way to squeeze out all the Stubs from the Moments is to finish full sets. Doing so will reward you with bonus Stubs.

Before doing the more difficult Moments, make sure to do the introductory moments called ‘Welcome to Moments’.

You should pretty much attempt all of the easy Moments available (especially the Daily Moment that you can do every day) as soon as you can. For the more difficult ones, attempt them only when you’re ready to.

Play Conquests

Conquests are arguably the best way to farm Stubs in MLK The Show 21. There are multiple Conquest maps, with each map having its own unique list of objectives that you can complete to earn XP and Stubs.

There are also hidden rewards scattered around the Conquest maps. These hidden rewards can give you Stubs and The Show Packs.
The best thing about Conquests is that some of the goals in a Conquest can be completed over and over again. This means that if a goal rewards you with Stubs and it can be repeated, you can use it to farm Stubs.

Attempt Showdowns

MLB The Show 21 has a single-player gamemode where you create your own starting lineup and advance your team by completing Moments. As the team improves, you’ll keep unlocking perks.
When you finish a Showdown, you’ll gain a large amount of Stubs. Entering a Showdown will cost you some Stubs, but you’ll gain it all back (plus more) if you complete it; so you shouldn’t shy away from doing Showdowns.

Take the Team Affinity Showdown for example. To enter it, you have to pay 500 Stubs, but you’ll gain 2100 Stubs back if you finish it.

Finish Collections

When you open The Show Packs and obtain cards, you’ll fill up your Diamond Dynasty item binder. When this happens, you can mark the cards you’ve collected to complete a Collection. Doing so will give you a bunch of rewards, including Stubs.

There are multiple sets to a Collection and the sets have a tier-list of objectives. If you finish all the objectives of a set, you’ll gain a ton of Stubs.
An important thing to note about Collections is that once you collect a card, you won’t be able to sell it on the Community Market. Ergo, be cautious when collecting cards so you don’t accidentally collect one that you planned on selling.

While on the Collections menu, you can also go to the ‘Exchanges’ tab and exchange your Silver Players for a Gold Player to earn more Stubs. Take cheap Silver Players and exchange them for a valuable Gold Player and then sell that card on the market to get yourself a nice amount of Stubs.

Flip Cards on the Community Market

The Community Market is another excellent way to earn Stubs, but it’s a little bit complicated.
What you need to do to earn Stubs from the Community Market is to first take note of the prices of MLB Player cards. When you spot the player cards whose value is going down, you use your Stubs to buy them.

If the value of these cards goes back up, you can then sell them to make yourself a big profit on Stubs.

Obviously, the value is not guaranteed to go back up so you have to look at the average value of the card over-time to guess whether it’ll go back up or not. You can do that by pressing the triangle button and selecting the Marketplace tab.

If you’re an avid viewer of baseball, you’ll have an advantage since the value of the cards is based on real-life events.

Some great cards to flip right now are Corbin Burnes, Shohei Ohtani and Trea Turner.

Another way to make money off the Community Market is to make Buy Orders to a card for a value below its actual worth. If you actually end up getting the cards, you can then resell them for their real value and make yourself some Stubs.

You can do this by first selecting the card you want to make a Buy Order for and then selecting ‘View in Market’. From there, open the ‘Buy/Sell Options’, press ‘Buy’ and then select ‘Create Buy Order’.

You can see your Buy Orders by opening the Marketplace from the Diamond Dynasty, selecting ‘My Orders’ and then pressing ‘Active Orders’.

Try Not to Buy Packs

Last but certainly not least, the best way to rack up Stubs is to not waste them on packs.
Packs are extremely alluring, but they’re not worth it for most people. Sure, there are the people who get super lucky who get Mike Trout from their packs, but that’s not going to happen for everyone.

Instead of wasting your Stubs on packs, hoping to get a good player, it’s better to just save your Stubs and buy good players from the Community Market.

If you still have a burning desire to open packs, you should open some to ease that desire but make sure to not go overboard with it.