How to Open and Solve Numbers Door Puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is finally upon us and it’s a great experience overall. Apart from the impressive world of Hogwarts and its surroundings and addictive combat, Hogwarts Legacy will also offer some secrets and puzzles for a change of pace.

You will stumble upon many puzzles while roaming around in Hogwarts, but you can have a hard time solving them as they aren’t as straight forward. One of them is the notorious Numbered door puzzle matched with some symbols and images.

As you might have seen, there are four circles present inside a triangle. The middle number represents 3, and the rest of the puzzles surrounding will add to make the total central value. But there are these mysterious symbols where the puzzle gets tricky. To find the hidden meaning behind these symbols, you must look for the Arthimancy Study guide inside the Divination Classroom. We have marked the location of the Arithmancy guide and Divination Class room in Hogwarts for you.

divination class room location

Once you have reached there, you will have to cross the rafters and open the blue chest placed just with the blackboard to find the Arthimancy Study Guide page. While looking at the page, you will know how to solve the number puzzle. It’s important to know that you don’t actually need to get the page as it’s just for reference and for your ease we are sharing it here. You can save it and refer to it whenever you come across the numbered door puzzle.

Arthimancy Study Guide Page

Furthermore, you can also get a clear understanding by checking out the example on the blackboard. If the total is 14 and two is combined with the symbol of a Hydra (which equals three), then the missing piece must be the multi-headed snake symbolizing nine. So all you got to do is match the symbols with numbers from the guide page and give the total number symbol after adding them.

blackboard example