Indiana Jones Game Could Be Using Unreal Engine

The brand-new Indiana Jones game being developed by MachineGames will reportedly use Unreal Engine, a job opening has revealed. The job listing for the video game, being developed for Disney and Xbox Game Studios, requires a Lead Level Designer who possesses “advanced knowledge and experience working with level editors” including Unreal Level Editor, Sandbox Editor or something similar.

MachineGames has worked with id Tech 5 while working on the Wolfestein games and the id Tech 6 for their work on Wolfenstein Youngblood. However, the job posting points to the possibility of the studio shifting to Unreal Engine for the Indian Jones game. Another job opening requires an AI Gameplay Programmer with experience in “Havok products, physics and AI” while a listing for a Lead Environment Artist requires some with “knowledge of PBR systems with a focus on material definition, readability and convincing surface detail” which hints that the new game might have global illumination lighting.

Little has been revealed of the game so far, save for a teaser released last year which shows Bethesda Games Studios to be working on the game alongside MachineGames. No further details have surfaced so far, including the platforms on which the game would be released. However, Bethesda Director Todd Howard suggested that the game has been in the pipeline for some time now, although a release window has not been shared yet. In an interview, Todd spoke at length about the project hinting that the game will be a real treat for fans of the Indiana Jones series and casual gamers as well. He went on to call the video game as a “unique experience”.

MachineGame has the Wolfenstein series under its belt and managed to update the series and bring it to modern platforms with a reboot. They released a sequel to the series which garnered critical acclaim but a spin-off released later only managed to get mixed reviews because of a heavy focus on online co-op play and lack of a story mode.

The teaser for Indiana Jones apparently points at the game being set in the Vatican City during October of 1937. The map featured in the trailer shows the Sistine Chapel on the map while the letter, still half-finished in the typewriter, says “i will be arriving in Rome”. It appears Indy was leaving a message for someone informing them of expected arrival.

A document on the table, which may be a passport or something similar in function, also shows that Jones is travelling for “Research/Education” and has been stamped by Bethesda. What’s more is that the books on the table suggest that Indy has been researching the matter for quite some time and is looking into circles, stones and myths related the Vatican City. He may have spoken to many experts, academics and priests about it but ultimately decides that a more hands-on approach would be best as the teaser ends with Jones picking up his iconic hat revealing his trusty whip underneath.