Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Puzzle Shogi Solutions And Location

As expected, Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth has Shogi in it. However, if you are like me and don’t know how this Japanese variant of Chess works, you might have difficulty completing Shogi puzzles. Completing these puzzles, however, is highly recommended in the early stages of the game as the rewards you get from completing all 10 Shogi Puzzles are quite substantial. You will get the following 2 main benefits for completing Shogi puzzles:

  • Your Wisdom Stat will increase rapidly granting you some useful passive early in the game.
  • Shogi has some items for sale which you can buy from Shogi points. And yes, the only way to get these points is by playing Shogi. The “Desperado Revolver” is totally worth the grind.

Now, if you are wondering how you can get these rewards without learning Shogi, then you have come to the right place. I am going to share the solutions of all 10 Shogi Puzzles with you so that you can solve them quickly, earn those points, and increase your intelligence stat. Before I share the solutions with you, Let’s see where you can find this Shogi guy in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

puzzle shogi location

Shogi Player

You will come across Puzzle Shogi in the initial 2 hours of the game. Just go to the location marked on the map and you will find him sitting outside a building on footpath.

As for solutions to Shogi puzzles, the following images show the solutions (final arrangement) of the puzzles. All you have to do is see these and win the Shogi challenges like a pro.

Before you Proceed: If you want more points for each challenge, we will recommend that you turn off Take Backs and Turn On Time limit. Both these options will net you extra points.

Puzzle Shogi 1 (One Move Mate)

puzzle shogi 1

Puzzle Shogi 2 (One Move Mate)

shogi puzzle 2

Puzzle Shogi 3 (One Move Mate)

shogi puzzle 3

Puzzle Shogi 4 (One Move Mate)

Select Don’t Promote in this one.
shogi puzzle 4

Puzzle Shogi 5 (One Move Mate)

shogi puzzle 5

Puzzle Shogi 6 (Three Move Mate)

Use Promote in this one.
Shogi Puzzle 6

Puzzle Shogi 7 (Three Move Mate)

Use do not promote in this one.
shoji puzzle 7

Puzzle Shogi 8 (Three Move Mate)

You need to promote 2 times for this puzzle.
puzzle shoji 8

Puzzle Shogi 9 (Three Move Mate)

Use Promote in the first move.
Shoji Puzzle 9

Puzzle Shogi 10 (Three Move Mate)

Shoji Puzzle 10

With all these checkmates, you will have a lot of Shoji points and good progression in Intelligence as well.