Insomniac Games is Apparently Doing Mo-Cap for Spider-Man 2 Already

Spider-Man reboot game released on PlayStation 4 was a great hit. Sony Interactive Entertainment then released a stand-alone expansion for the game named “Miles Morales”. The expansion was built on using the same assets and engine of the original Spider-Man but it was optimized for all the bells and whistles of PlayStation 5.

After that, there has been multiple reports and hints of a new Spider-Man game for PS5 being in the works. Although, Insomniac Games hasn’t confirmed the existence of Spider-Man 2, we do know that they are working on an unannounced title.

Now, a deleted Mo-Cap photo from the Miles-Morales actor has fans wondering if Insomniac is doing Mo-Cap for Spider-Man 2:

Mavel's spider-man 2

Like I said before, the image has now been deleted from Actor’s Instagram account. Deleted images/post always indicate that there was some kind of truth to them. So it’s safe to assume that Nadji Jeter is doing Mo-cap for a new game that is most probably, Spider-Man 2.

Now the question is if a new Spider-Man game is in development, is it based on Peter Parker or Miles Morales? We can’t be sure about that yet as Insomniac can choose to go in any direction. But if the mo-cap photo is any indication, we will come across Miles Morales in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. But to what extent? Could it be that Insomniac will shift back to Peter Parker and Miles Morales will appear as a side character? Or it could be the opposite with Miles Morales being the main character?

Well, whichever character it is, one thing is for sure, Spider-Man 2 game will definitely be a great announcement for the fans and they will not mind having another great game in the series. Sony Interactive Entertainment is working on multiple First Party games for the PS5 and we are hoping that Spider-Man 2 will be one of them.

In any case, if the game is in development, fans shouldn’t expect to see it released atleast until fall 2022.