KOTOR 3 May Be In Development By New Studio

A supposed informant on the Bespin Bulletin Star Wars fan site has made claim on the BOB Podcast that Knights of the Old Republic 3 is currently in development, but BioWare, who began the series, isn’t the one in charge. The informant doesn’t necessarily know who’s developing KOTOR 3, either, so who knows if it’s actually happening.

Knights of the Old Republic is seen as a classic among many gamers, especially Star Wars fans. Taking place thousands of years before the films, the game centers around players as they attempt to stop the Sith Empire from conquering the Republic using an ancient superweapon known as the Star Forge.

A remake of the game was recently announced at a Playstation Showcase, to be released on the Playstation 5. However, this rumored Knights of the Old Republic 3 game is likely something different, if there’s any truth to it at all. Though BioWare is currently owned by EA, the KOTOR 3 developer is supposedly outside of EA’s family.

This isn’t the first time a Knights of the Old Republic game has been developed by a different studio, either. Obsidian Entertainment developed Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, which came out in 2004. The new studio allegedly developing the third game is likely building off of the end of the exclusivity deal that Electronic Arts has had for the past few years.

Numerous Star Wars games have been announced over the past several months, not just with the KOTOR remake but also Star Wars: Eclipse developed by Quantic Dream, and three new games coming from Respawn Entertainment announced today.

But until we actually get more concrete information about the alleged KOTOR 3 game, all we can do is trust that eventually Lucasarts and whoever the developer is (if they’re actually developing a game) will eventually announce the game themselves, whether at this year’s E3 or some other major gaming event.