New 4A Games IP In The Works, Developer Recruiting Staff

If you’re familiar with the Metro series of games, you’re likely familiar with their developer, 4A Games. With the release of Metro: Exodus, 4A has decided to move away from the Metro series and instead create a new series. The new 4A Games IP is currently recruiting for developers, too.

The studio is hiring a¬†Senior Game Designer, Technical Designer, Lead Game Systems Designer, Senior Technical Artist, Environment Concept Artist and¬†Creatures Concept Artist, all of which will likely go towards creating this new IP, though we don’t know exactly what genre it will be in.

For instance, while the Metro games were never a specific horror title, they did have their share of horrifying moments and hideous monsters for players to deal with, so a Creatures Concept Artist might point towards something similar, whether being a horror game or something heavily involving monsters.

Of course, without the studio actually giving any more details, who knows what the new 4A Games IP will actually wind up being? It could be something similarly semi-survival horror, or it could be an entirely new sort of series that takes 4A Games in a direction that they’ve never been before.

While not a Metro game, the game will likely be building off of what the studio did with the Metro series, particularly Metro Exodus, which took place outside of the post-apocalyptic ruins of Moscow that the other two games had taken place in and out into a world finally thawing from a nuclear winter.

Since Metro Exodus’s Complete Edition has been ported onto the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, it seems that collection was 4A’s last goodbye to the game before they start to work on whatever their new 4A Games IP is. Hopefully we’ll be seeing something about it in the next few years, but until then all we can do is wait. You can check out the job listings here.