Seiji Aoki Explains Why There is No Virtua Fighter 6 Yet

If you are a fighting games fan, you must have heard about Virtua Fighter fighting game series. However, it’s been a long time (2010) since the release of last proper entry in the series. There has been some upgrades and spin-offs but Virtual Fighter 6 game has been missing since.

Fans have been wondering if they are ever going to get a new Virtua Fighter game. Seiji Aoki, the producer of recently released Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown remake on PS4 thinks that the lack of VF 6 game can be attributed to the lack of innovative concepts in the series. SEGA firmly believes that if there is nothing innovative for Virtua Fighter 6, it can’t happen.

Well, in a fighting game, how much innovation one can bring? That’s probably the main reason that we haven’t seen a new Virtua Fighter game after so many years.

Sieji Aoki was also accompanied by Tekken legend Katsuhiro Harada who also had some interesting insights about the Virtua Fighter series. If you don’t know, Tekken wasn’t that dominant back in the day as the games like Virtua Fighter and Street Fighter were quite popular. According to him, it took “five games, released once every 2 years” for Tekken to surpass Virtua Fighter.

Recently, Virtua Fighter has been introduced to eSports scene and Seiji Aoki believes that it could be a stepping stone for the existence of Virtua Fighter 6 however, this can’t be taken as certainty.

The fighting games legendary pair also talked about different things about Ultimate Showdown so if you are interested, you should definitely check that out. In the meanwhile, we are hoping that SEGA does find a suitable enough idea for Virtua Fighter 6 and wither eSports scene happening for the series, we eventually get a new game in the series.