New League of Legends Champion Hinted In Recent Lore Video

The current League of Legends story arc is still ongoing as the heroes of Runeterra attempt to save it from the wicked Ruined King, and along with old faces, at least one more new League of Legends champion is going to be joining the roster, according to a recent video. 

Multiple different champions have been added to the game over the course of this storyline, including Viego the Ruined King himself, Akshan, and Gwen. However, the latest video showed a prospective fourth champion, this time a Yordle that is apparently supposed to be coming later on.

The Yordle was actually supposed to release soon after Gwen, but various adjustments needed to her kit means that she’s still in the background for now, only being teased. Her being teased however does allow fans more time to speculate on her personality, especially given her gloomy looks.

The Yordle, unlike many others seen throughout League’s home setting of Runeterra, is dark and gloomy with pale fur that has accents similar to the Shadow Isles, fitting for a League of Legends champion that’s from that ghost-haunted and fog-shrouded place.

Of course, we don’t know her name, personality, or anything else, so whether she’s still bubbly and cheerful like most Yordles despite her looks remains to be seen, along with what she can do. Riot says that part of the delay was in order to move her from her old envisioned role of an artillery mage into a more classic mage role.

So whoever this new League of Legends champion is, she’ll probably have plenty of magical power to work with whenever she hits the actual game, which hopefully won’t be too much longer. In the meantime, however, all that we can do is speculate exactly how they’ll play when they actually release her into the game.