New Remedy Entertainment Community Hub Launched To Celebrate Games

If you’re one of the many gamers that have become a fan of Remedy Entertainment’s games over the course of the studio’s history, we have good news for you. The developer just announced on Twitter the creation of a Remedy Entertainment community hub for their fanbase, which can be accessed via their website.

The hub is a place where fans of Remedy’s various games can come together and share art, screenshots, and cosplay, along with discussing the games themselves, in a specifically Remedy-based setting. And, considering the good reception that Remedy’s games have gotten, it’s long overdue.

Remedy Entertainment is responsible for a number of very well-reviewed games over the past few years, including Alan Wake (which recently got a remaster), Quantum Break, and Control. Other games that they’ve developed include the first two Max Payne games, which were one of the catalysts for the introduction of bullet time in video games.

The Remedy Entertainment community hub isn’t necessarily a novel concept, however. Many prominent developers have in the past created their own specific forums for their fanbase to congregate around, ranging from BioWare to CD Projekt RED to Bungie. Really, the odd thing is that Remedy is just now introducing the community hub now.

Of course, it’s also a good thing, as it allows the developers to socialize with their fans and see the sort of cool stuff they come up with without it being lost in the scrum of social media like Twitter. The studio already took notice of one piece of Alan Wake fanart, for instance, done by a user named Venkman.

Hopefully the arrival of this Remedy Entertainment community hub ends up going over well. While Remedy doesn’t have very many games to showcase, all of them have become either very popular or remain cult classics. If you’re a Remedy fan, you can find the community hub by following this link.