A “Squid Game” Themed Game is Apparently in Development

You must have already watched or heard about the famous South Korean TV show, Squid Game. The show gained immense popularity on Netflix too and now people are hungry for more. Fans aren’t only interested in its future seasons but also they want Video Games following the same theme.

There are already a few games fans can try out to satisfy their itch of Squid Game including Fall Guys, Roblox, Moded GTA 5 but none of them has a serious them as the show itself. So naturally, developers would be looking to cash in on this trend by making video games that are quite similar to Squid Game and has a realistic, serious tone.

Apparently, according to famous industry insider Tom Henderson, one such game is already in development. He wasn’t able to share the name of the developer but we can expect more developers to try out this concept. This could also introduce some interesting battle royale genre concepts which is already becoming too saturated.

I am not sure about you however, for me, if we get a serious Squid Game based Battle Royale game with modern and realistic graphics (like Warzone), It definitely pique my interest. For now, we only have mostly casual games based on the concept of TV show.

Squid Game helped Netflix improve its numbers a lot and if the show owners go of a game themselves with official licenses, that can make them a lot of money as well as fans will be craving for it.

In any case, one this is certain, Squid Game is definitely going to influence future Battle Royale games. It will only depend on how effectively developers are able to utilize this concept.