Resident Evil History Page Update Suggests Remasters for Code Veronica, Outbreak and Outbreak File 2

Capcom has been cashing in on Nostalgia by releasing Remakes of old Resident Evil games. The remakes released so far have been quite good for the publisher both, critically and commercially. Fans liked the remakes so much that they have been asking capcom to remake other old Resident Evil games as well.

Now, a hint has appeared that Capcom might be planning to announce more remasters/remakes for more Resident Evil games. The history page for the Resident Evil franchise has been updated with new artwork. The new artwork clearly shows that those creatures have been touched and improved greatly from the original. Now, does that artwork represent a possible remaster or a remake, that is anyone’s guess.

However, chances are since the there are artworks for multiple games and a remake requires more effort and time than a remaster, these artworks for Resident Evil Code Veronica, Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 could be for remasters.

Fans have been asking for a Code Veronica modern release for a long time now. The demand is so high that there are fans project in place that are trying to remake the old Resident Evil games. Now, whether Capcom announces these remasters in near future remains to be seen. Capcom has also been asking from fans about more Resident Evil remakes through surveys too. Then there are reports of a Resident Evil 4 Remake from Capcom.

It’s worth mentioning here that Capcom has been updating the artwork for over a week now. One can still wonder if the updated artwork means anything. I mean there are other ways to promote a franchise, aren’t there? In any case, one this is for sure, fans are definitely interested in these games and Capcom must be brewing something up.