Will Street Fighter 6 Release on Xbox?

A recent countdown towards the next major Capcom game has revealed that Street Fighter 6 is coming soon. However, the reveal has only released a large number of other questions. One of the most notable ones is whether or not we’ll see Street Fighter 6 release on Xbox consoles, when it releases.

Throughout its history, Street Fighter 5, the most recent Street Fighter title, only remained exclusively on the Playstation 4 when it was announced, among consoles. While the game did eventually get a PC port, it remains up in the air whether or not the game will actually be on the Xbox Series X this time around.

Microsoft has been much more open about multiplatform games this generation, but Sony has always been hostile to the idea, forcing developers to have to pay Sony to make up for “lost revenue” if they release their games on platforms other than Playstation.

We can likely expect a PC release for the game again. PCs are also in Microsoft’s wheelhouse, but by not letting it release on Xbox consoles, Capcom is still dealing Microsoft a very significant blow, as many fighting game players likely prefer to play the game on consoles. Then again, Capcom may release Street Fighter 6 exclusively on Playstation 5 because of sales.

This console generation has been going on for a year now, but even with its greater graphical power, the Xbox Series X is lagging behind the Playstation 5. Capcom might simply decide to release the game on Playstation 5 and not the Series X specifically because the Playstation 5 has a bigger audience.

Since the game was only announced at midnight on Sunday, it’ll likely be a while before we can really get any other concrete information about Street Fighter 6. But for now, there’s no evidence pointing towards the possibility of the game being released on any Xbox consoles in the near future.