Respawn Entertainment is Working on A “Brand New IP”

A brand new Respawn Entertainment IP is apparently in the works, and the studio is looking for a Software Engineer to help them make it. While details aren’t forthcoming, it could be anything, especially since Respawn has been recently branching out in terms of what games it’s making after Star Wars.

While Respawn had previously only been known for their Titanfall games, releasing Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order have definitely helped them expand their portfolio. Since the listing mentions a new IP, however, there’s no telling what they’re actually making yet.

While Titanfall has proven to be a very competent first-person shooter, and Fallen Order a very competent action-adventure game, Respawn doesn’t seem to be intending to sit on its laurels either, especially if this is its third new IP. The studio’s only made one sequel as well, Titanfall 2, which came out in 2016.

The job listing for the team working on the new Respawn Entertainment IP can definitely sound tantalizing, as well. In a world where many prominent studios have gotten criticism for crunching their devs to meet deadlines, Respawn has taken care of that worry by saying in its listing that they have a hard-zero policy towards crunch and overtime, and will help to nurture employees’ life-work balance.

Considering Respawn’s greater creative control in the aftermath of so many hits for Electronic Arts, it’s good to know that the studio apparently hasn’t let success go to its head and is continuing to try and make the studio a great place to work.

While we likely won’t hear about what the new Respawn Entertainment game is for the next few years, hopefully when it comes out it will be just as good, if not better, than other Respawn Games that have come out so far. You can find the job listing here.