More Than 5000 People Worked on Cyberpunk 2077

While we already knew that more than 500 developers were involved at CD Projekt Red for the development of Cyberpunk 2077, another interesting fact has surfaced about the game.

During CD PROJEKT Group FY 2020 earnings call, the developer revealed that in total, there were more than 5000 people involved in the whole project including different partners, actors, translators, musicians and more.

The number gives us an idea on how many non-developer people are usually involved in bringing the massive gaming projects to life.

Cyberpunk 2077 has been one of the most controversial games in gaming history. After a wait of more than 8 years, fans around the globe were left disappointed with a disastrous release of the game. People had high hopes from CD Projekt Red as they were among one of the few video games developers, who had set very high standards in gaming.

With increasing expectations, chances of disappointment also increase. That’s what happened with Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt Red could not handle the scope of the game and with even multiple delays, they fell short on their plans.

However, despite a disappointing launch (not in terms of revenue though), CD Projekt Red is committed to fix the game for gamers. Cyberpunk 2077 was delisted from PlayStation stores due to its poor performance. The first step would be to bring back the game to PlayStation Storefronts.

Then there is the native next-gen version of the game which will be free for the last-gen owners of the game. CD Projekt Red is aiming to remedy the bad memories with the game with a solid next-gen port.

Cyberpunk 2077 developer is also working on the free DLC content for the game. As soon as the game is in acceptable state, we will be getting these DLCs too.

Since the release, CD Projekt Red has also refunded almost 30000 copies of the game. The studio is currently busy in releasing the patches as soon as possible. Let’s hope that the game gets fixed soon and we get to enjoy the promised title in a descent capacity if not in entirety.