Rockstar Games Expected to Announce a New Project Soon

Rockstar Games needs no introduction in gaming. The famous Grand Theft Auto franchise has 165M plus sales already. While GTA franchise is quite popular, Rockstar Games has some other great games as well. Since the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 back in 2018, fans have been eagerly waiting for the next Rockstar title. According to various reports, many believe the next Rockstar game to be Grand Theft Auto 5. There has been some rumors about a Bully sequel but Rockstar Games or Take-two hasn’t shared any information about that yet.

However, GTA 6 development has been confirmed by the publisher. Now, a famous French journalist and Rockstar Games insider has shared that Rockstar Games is set to reveal a new project. He said that while he doesn’t know what and when exactly it would be, we can expect it soon.

The same insider claimed last month that GTA 6 is being developed on an engine that is “ahead of its time”. He termed the game engine as “Rage 9”. The last iteration in Grand Theft Auto franchise was release back in 2015 when GTA 5 was released. After that, while GTA 5 has received a dozen iterative releases, there has been nothing about Grand Theft Auto 6 apart from the fact that we know that it’s in development.

Personally, I won’t mind if the new project turns out to be anything other than GTA 6. A new Bully game or even if they make a new Max Payne game, that would be awesome too. Recently, Take-Two shared that they are planning on releasing 8 new iterations of their old games in the coming years. They have made and an agreement with Remedy Entertainment and they will start with Max Payne 1 and 2.

Since E3 2022 won’t be happening, major publishers are announcing games using their own showcases. While Take-Two hasn’t announced any showcase yet summer would be a good time to announce their new project.