The Last of Us Standalone Multiplayer Could be of Live Service Nature

At Summer Game Fest 2022, we saw some great reveals. Among those reveals, The Last of Us standalone multiplayer mode was also discussed by Neil Druckmann. He told that the standalone multiplayer mode for The Last of Us has grown bigger than just Factions mode. During the watch along stream by Giant Bomb, Geff Grubb revealed that the Standalone multiplayer mode will be “more live service-y” in nature.

They’re making a standalone multiplayer game that is not Factions. It’s gonna be very, very live service-y. They’re building all the services in so they can, like, swap in huge parts of it in and out. Like, that’s what they’ve been working on and trying to make it bigger and bigger and more ambitious.

From the looks of it, Naughty Dog is adopting Rockstar Games like model and want to make one big multiplayer environment just like GTA Online and Red Dead Online. This could be a good news for the community. Despite sharing information on the multiplayer project, we don’t have a release date for it yet. Considering that the project now has been increased in size and scope, the release date could still be far away. The Standalone version could also arrive on PC as well as The Last of Us Remake have also been announced to arrive on PC.

If the Standalone multiplayer has considerate PVE content that promotes co-op, we are in for a definite treat. The Last of Us has some solid gameplay mechanics and Naughty Dog can give us some really interesting game modes for The Last of Us Standalone multiplayer.