Sony Bend Studio’s New Game is “Open World”, Also Features Vehicles

A few days ago, it was revealed that there would not be a Days Gone 2, despite the original game ending on a cliffhanger. That’s not stopping Sony Bend Studio from continuing on, however, as the studio has posted multiple job listings intended for their next game that appears to be open-world.

The various job listings, which included positions in Art, Animation, and Programming areas of the studio, all seemed fairly straightforward, though several positions do make mention of what sort of game the studio is making. Considering mentions of open-world environments, weapons, vehicles, and more, we may see another Days Gone-esque title.

Of course, since we don’t even know what this title will be, or what it will be about, so all we can really do is speculate, especially since the vehicles and weapons are hallmarks of many open-world games. A Bloomberg report that mentioned Days Gone 2’s cancellation did mention, however, that Sony Bend Studio was hoping this new game would be the start of a new franchise.

Exactly what this means in itself remains to be seen. Days Gone was also trying to be the start of a new franchise, but the game’s long development time for mixed reviews caused Sony Interactive Entertainment to lose confidence in the series, hence why Days Gone 2 ended up being cancelled.

While Bend Studio could possibly tweak the story to fit this new game, they could also attempt to do something new, rather than continuing on the “open world post apocalyptic adventure” trend that Days Gone was following after The Last Of Us and Horizon Zero Dawn, two other majorly-promoted Sony games that had similar settings.

Either way, hopefully whatever game that Sony Bend Studio is working on will be able to win the success that Days Gone couldn’t. We’ll just have to sit and wait to see what it looks like when it’s officially announced.