Sony Clothing Patent Wants to Display Different Media on the Same Article

A new Sony patent appears to be the dream of a gamer who loves telling the world how much they love their favorite franchises. The patent shows off an idea for clothing that has a built-in display, and a sensor that you can use to change the image, which the patent claims will help with self-expression.

A common means of self-expression is through one’s clothing. For example, in a gaming context, gamers may express their affinity for, or association with, a particular video game by purchasing and wearing articles of clothing that display imagery related to the video game.

Such a device, if it ever comes to fruition, could definitely help gamers who are constantly inundated with new shirts and other clothing that they would have to not only buy but probably agonize over which to wear. The patent also addresses this, presenting the new clothing as a better alternative.

“This means that for a gamer wishing to self-express through their clothing an affinity for multiple video games, the gamer would have to purchase different articles of clothing for each game. This problem is further compounded by the continual development and release of more and more articles of clothing over time, thereby requiring the purchase of more and more articles of clothing wishes to express their affinity or support for additional games.”

Games aren’t the only things that the patent could be used for, either. Esports teams could gain promotion through such things or even make such clothing into uniforms to use, or promoting an event at a certain venue, as the patent goes on to state

“…a wireless transceiver, integrated with the clothing component, that wirelessly receives updates from one or more transmitters in a venue, wherein said updates cause the controller to update the imagery presented on the flexible display.”

Only time will tell exactly how long it takes Sony to even try and implement clothing like what’s in this patent, but it’s an interesting idea to imagine anyway.