New Forza Motorsport Reportedly Delayed to Second Half of 2023

With Minecraft Legends and Redfall launching in April and May, we can surely call it a gamer’s year. Not just these two Microsoft also has Starfield, setting it up for the gamers around the world. With all others being mentioned, Forza Motor sports shouldn’t be missed.

Now, According to the journalist Jeff Grubb, Forza Motorsports will be released in the Spring 2023, Alas! The game has been delayed beyond that.

In the latest episode of Game Mess Decides podcast, Grubb told on the basis of his hearing, Forza Motorsports has been delayed to a few months and will be released in the second half of 2023. While a statement is made by Grubb, he himself wasn’t sure why such a big news has not been made official.

Not just that, he also mentioned that the game is targeting a Q3 launch date which might be a little later that.

Turn 10 Studios, the company behind Forza, announced on Wednesday. When it debuts later in 2023, Forza Motorsport, the eighth instalment in the Forza Motorsport series for Xbox, will offer gamers a selection of more than 500 vehicles.

The developers of the game assert that it is the “most technologically savvy racing game ever developed.” The scenery and the automobiles now have more detail than ever before thanks to innovations like active ray tracing and improved rendering technology.

Along with improving the aesthetics, the game’s designers worked to improve the gameplay by adding dynamic surroundings like weather, track temperature, and even rubbering in corners. No two laps will ever be the same since all of these factors and more are subject to alter during the course of a race.