Sony Patent Wants to Show You Only the Interesting Moments In Online Streams

Video Game Streaming has become a very large and popular source of entertainment for gamers all around the globe. People watch their favorite streamers, influencers playing games and doing stuff every day. While it’s a good entertainment, the problem arises when most of us have to also see things in those streams that are uninteresting for us.

This can even lead to missing important stuff from the stream especially when you are short on time and want to do other things as well during the Stream. A patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment is looking to solve this problem. The patent says:

The field of video game spectating has witnessed significant growth in recent years. Spectators seek out opportunities to spectate their favorite games and players, for example through online platforms that provide live streaming of game sessions. However, spectators must often commit significant amounts of time to watching segments of gameplay activity which they may not find very interesting. When a spectator joins a given session as a spectator they typically do not know whether they will be joining into an interesting portion of the gameplay at all, or whether anything interesting is likely to occur in the gameplay in the
near future.

Further, while a spectator is engaged in observing the activity occurring in one game session, they may miss more interesting activity occurring in another session. And as the number of available video game streams grows, it becomes increasingly difficult for a given spectator to find interesting gameplay to observe.

So basically, the patent explains method to train a system that can predict and tell viewers about the interesting moments from the lengthy streams which otherwise would consume a lot of time. Yes, there are channels already doing that but if a system can do this Live for you, it would be a great help. They are calling this system “Helper Mode”.

Sony Helper Mode

Again, patents like these never mean that we will see these concepts implemented. However, they are usually interesting reads as they usually have novel ideas that sound cool, on paper atleast.