Nintendo Renews Trademark for Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Fire Emblem has been a long running franchise from Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. Each new game in the series is usually a success like other major Nintendo franchises. Recently, we received Fire Emblem: Three Hopes and it received decent reviews as well. Another main entry in the series is rumored to arrive later this year but there is no official announcement for that yet.

While fans are expecting a major Fire Emblem game in the series to be announced, Nintendo of America has recently trademarked Fire Emblem: The Scared Stones.

nintendo trademark

The Sacred Stones was the 8th game in Fire Emblem Video Games series and was release on Game Boy Advance back in 2004. The game was developed by Intelligent Systems and was a “tactical role-playing game” just like many other games in the series. The game received good reviews and can be considered a hit for Game Boy Advance.

Naturally, trademark renewal doesn’t always mean an announcement related to that game. Companies often renew these trademarks to keep their IPs safe. However, sometimes, these trademarks are also renewed just before major announcements. For the time being, chances of an old Fire Emblem game returning are slim as we just received Three Hopes and then there is the rumored main Fire Emblem game that Nintendo hasn’t talked about yet.

Since 1990, we have received around 16 Fire Emblem games in the series and if Nintendo wants to remake or remaster any of those old games, there would be plenty of options to choose from including Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. For now, I think all eyes are set for Nintendo’s next major release this month i.e. Xenoblade Chronicles 3.