Is Sony Considering a PS Vita 2 or Any Other Handheld Console?

For the past few days, there have been reports circulating the Internet that Sony Interactive Entertainment Could be working on a handheld console. Around that time, we also heard about Asus launching its own handheld device (Asus Rog Ally) running on Windows 11.

Initially, famous gaming industry insider, Tom Henderson reported that Sony has a piece of hardware in the works that hasn’t been reported yet. Well since PS5 Pro has been reported by multiple sources to be in development, everyone thought that this new piece of “unreported” hardware could very well be a handheld device.

While the rumor was being discussed on various gaming forums, another apparent leak happened on reddit primarily claiming the price and release date of Asus ROG Ally. The same thread also mentioned an apparent Sony handheld device that Asus is also apparently aware of and they want ROG Ally to compete with Sony’s handheld device as well. This ofcourse lead many to believe further that Sony developing a handheld device like PS Vita 2 could be real.

Just when these rumors and reports were catching fire, another gaming media personality, Jeff Grubb joined the discussion. According to Grubb, Sony fans should “scope down” their expectations for a PS Vita 2. According to his information, all he has heard about is a “cloud-streaming handheld”.

It’s not the first time a PS Vita 2 rumors have surfaced. Before the release of PlayStation 5, it was rumored as well that PS5 could release with a handheld device. Officially however, Sony has shown no interest in going back to handheld gaming as it doesn’t make much sense to them especially with all those high performance mobile devices already out there.

So logically, a cloud-streaming device would make more sense for Sony from the business point of view however, we are not sure if fans would like that or not. Microsoft teamed up with Logitech recently to release a cloud-streaming device so Sony could be planning to do the same.

For the time being, while there seems to be a lot of demand for a handheld device from Sony, the company doesn’t seem eager to go in that direction. PS5 Pro however, is a totally different thing and sound more feasible. We will have to wait and see if any of this is confirmed officially by Sony or not. So stay tuned for further updates.