Sony Patent Aims to Execute and Share Mini Games Through Cloud

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A recently published Sony patent apparently intends to give players access to minigames from various titles, all available through the Cloud. This could very well eliminate the need for players who like a particular mini-game to go back into a full game to gain access to it through various methods, according to the patent. The … Read more

Is Sony Considering a PS Vita 2 or Any Other Handheld Console?

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For the past few days, there have been reports circulating the Internet that Sony Interactive Entertainment Could be working on a handheld console. Around that time, we also heard about Asus launching its own handheld device (Asus Rog Ally) running on Windows 11. Initially, famous gaming industry insider, Tom Henderson reported that Sony has a … Read more

Sony Patent Aims To Fix Unhealthy Movements and Posture Via Interventions

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A new Sony patent aimed at intervention for gamers intends to make sure that players are using correct posture and not using too many repetitive motions while gaming. The patent also intends to often recommend breaks to the players, stretches, and more. According to the patent’s abstract. “A game intervention server may evaluate, based on … Read more

Sony Has A Patent for “What-IF” Gameplay Replays

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Gameplay replays is not a new thing. However, have you ever wondered watching your gameplay replay that what would have happened if things would have gone differently in that replay? Well, while you can visualize all those what-if scenarios in your brain, you can’t really use them or show them to someone else. Sony Interactive … Read more